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Moving Your Pet – Ease Stress for Owner and Pet

Moving with Pets: Easing the Transition Moving your Pet is stressful for both owner and pet. The sudden change in routine and their environment is very unsettling for pets, as is relocating to an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, there are ways you can make moving your...

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Shaded Cream versus EE Cream Doxies

Folks are always asking me about the difference in shaded English Creams and ee English Creams.   Some folks prefer shaded and some prefer ee's. In the photo, Alfie is on the left and he is a ee English Cream.  You can not see any shading or any black in his coat.  He...

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Colorful Dachshund Crew

Did you know that Dachshunds come in more colors than any other breed?  Here are the colors:  red (all different shades), black & tan, black & cream, chocolate & tan, chocolate & cream, isabella & tan, isabella & cream, blue & tan, blue...

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Amos the Wirehair

Just recently talking about the wirehairs. Well meet Amos in the snow. He certainly seems to be enjoying his new snow jacket. His mom says he like to be in the limelight so everyone let him know you like his new attire!

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Wire Haired Dachshund Puppies

Chloe & Caleb's babies arrived on 9/20.  They have 4 boys and 1 girl - all red.  Hoping all to be wire hairs but won't know for 2 - 3 weeks. One little boy & one little girl carries for the piebald pattern.  Keep check on the website to see if they are all...

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New Name for Genesis’ little girl

We would like to thank everyone of you who suggested a name for Genesis' little girl.  They were all beautiful names.  After much consideration we have chosen to name her Hosanna, meaning praises to the Lord.  This name was sent in by Brittany Peters.  Thank you...

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Genesis’ Little Girl

This puppy is Genesis' last gift to us.  Her little girl was born via C section on the 8th.  She only had one little girl.  This is Genesis' last litter so the puppy will be staying with us.  She is a beautiful little ee cream girl.  What do YOU think would be a...

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Oh the fun of the Wairhairs!

I am firmly convinced that God just has never made any other creature like the wire-hair dachshund.  I believe he took various & numerous ingredients and put them together to come up with this magnificent creature.  ALL dachshunds are wonderful but this little...

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Father and Daughter

Meet Caleb & Naomi (also known as Miss Dee).  Caleb is out cute fiesty wheaten soft wirehair and Miss Dee is his daughter.  (soft wirehair).  If you have never known a wirehair Doxie, you are missing out.  They are the cutest, liveliest little fellows and just...

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Feeding Your Doxie!

What should you be feeding your Doxie? In this hard economy folks are growing their own vegetable gardens. Why not share the vegetables with your Dachshund? In case you didn’t know, most Dachshunds love raw vegetables. An inexpensive, low calorie alternative to...

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