Louie’s Dachshunds Dams


Louie’s miniature dachshund puppies for sale in North Carolina are produced by some of the prettiest girls around.  They are top of the line for looks, coats, temperament and conformation.  They produce very beautiful Dachshund puppies in all patterns and colors including the ever popular English Creams and Wire Hair Dachshunds.  They are all lovely ladies and like a lot of loving (just like us women folk).  They are all excellent moms and take excellent care of their babies – thus passing the healthy puppies on to you. We strive to have the highest quality Dachshund ladies so we can breed as true to the Dachshund standard as possible.  (pedigrees available upon request)



Hannah is a long coat clear English Cream.  She is a very quiet soul.  She gets along with all of her playmates but still likes to keep her space.  She is very smart and likes to be loved.   She is a 4th generation Louie’s Dachshund -10 lbs.


Serenity is our sassy little smooth coat cream.  She is the typical smooth coat and very busy.  She is full of love and just wraps herself around your heart.  She produces beautiful babies.  9 lbs.


Mary is our beautiful little long coat blue & cream.  She is the life of the crowd and strives to be the leader of the pack.  She loves to run and play in the mountains.  When put with the right fellow she produces “WOW” babies.   9 lbs.



Lydia is our smooth coat red brindle.  Put with the right male, she produces the most red brindle babies.  She has a great personality and so loving & loyal.  Lydia came to us from Palmetto Dachshunds and are so proud to welcome her into our clan  – 10 lbs.


Hallaleujah is our long coat chocolate & tan lady.  This little 8 lb. girl has the beautiful coat and 24-7 lovebug personality –   8 lbs.


Eunice is our wheaten coarse/soft wirehair girl.  She is true to the wirehair personality.  Makes everyone laugh that she is around.  She came to us from Heartfelt Dachshunds and has made a very enjoyable member of our clan – 8 lbs.


Martha is our beautiful shaded English Cream and  we are so glad she stayed to live with us.  She has a beautiful coat and an excellent temperament to go with it.   She is the daughter of John and Leah and has an excellent pedigree.  10 lbs.


Miriam is a long coat red piebald.  She is a good natured little soul and a lover.  – 10 lbs.


Diana is our long coat red piebald lady.  She is very mild tempered and loves to mingle with all the rest of the clan – 11 lbs.


Egypt is our long coat red brindle.  Egypt is so inquisitive and smart.  She loves to play with the pack and is very friendly –  9 lbs.


Sarah is a clear English Cream and has all of the charm that goes along with it.  She is a very picky about her soulmates.  With the man of her choice, she produces awesome babies.  10 lbs.


Saphira is a long coat clear English Cream.  She is a true doll baby and a 24-7 lover.  10 lbs.


Rebecca is our long coat black & cream dapple.  This little lady has southern charm with beautiful coat and eyes to boot.  9.5 lbs.


Claudia  is our smooth coat black & cream  fiesty lady.  She is the daughter of John and Ellie and has a great pedigree.  Claudia always lives up to her name as she loves to be promiscuous.  10 lb.


Our litle sleek, temperamental red head.  She is the leader of her pack.  9 lbs.


Jezzy is a smooth coat blue & tan dapple piebald.  She belongs to our daughter Rhonda.  She is becoming to the eye but contradicts her name!  She is very layed back and just likes to lay around and take it easy.  She is a a third generation Louie’s dachshund.10 lbs.


Chloe is our smooth coat blue & tan.  This little lady is prim and proper and produces beautiful babies when paired with the right sire. 9 lbs.


Esther is our beautiful long coat black & tan dapple.  She is Lazarus lines and is a 3rd generation Louie’s Dachshund. 10.5 lbs.