We would like for all of our prospective puppy owners to know that  we are inspected by USDA on  an annual basis and have always been found to be fully compliant.  Our license # is 55-A-0165.  This assures you that we are definitely not a “puppy mill” & that our dogs receive the highest required standard of care.

From time to time we have adults up for adoption.   There are various reasons why they are offered to a new home.  The girls retire at 5 –  5.5 years.  An adult might be too large or too small for our breeding program.  No matter the reason, you can always be assured that the adults we offer are healthy and worthy of a new home.

We are offering our beautiful smooth coat blue & tan Rachael up for adoption.  She could not deliver her babies and had to have a C section.  She is a little sweetheart – very friendly and loving.  She is to go to a special home only.  She is 1 year and 8 months old.  She weighs 9 lbs.  Call or email if interested.  $300.