Shipping Dachshund Puppies

Shipping Dachshund Puppies is a service we are happy to offer to you. We have shipped safely to many cities in the US and also international. We ship to airports served by Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines (From Atlanta, GA). All of these airlines have adequate environmental controls in cargo.

If you are not within driving distance of Andrews, NC, we can ship a puppy that is at least 8 weeks old. If the puppy is smaller than 3 lbs. at this age we will wait until it is 3 lbs. to ship. We ship to any continental U.S. airport served by Delta, American, or United Airlines for $375. For a second puppy in the same crate, add $75.00. This includes travel costs to the Atlanta, GA airport, an FAA approved travel kennel, required vet exam and handling.

You have the option of your puppy going either by cargo or you can also fly into Atlanta airport, pick up your puppy, and take him/her back home alongside you in the cabin. If the latter is your choice, we of course will meet you at the Atlanta airport with your puppy.  We also offer ground transport.

We always give the puppy a nutritious drink containing sugar before it boards the plane. Then we also ask the receiving customer to have the same available when they receive the puppy. A shipped puppy should be available within an hour of landing.