Charity – blue & cream dapple wire-hair

I am firmly convinced that God just has never made any other creature like the wire-hair dachshund.  I believe he took various & numerous ingredients and put them together to come up with this magnificent creature.  ALL dachshunds are wonderful but this little fellow just takes the case and winds the trophies! Despite their quite comical character, they are very gentle and friendly.  They have a natural nack for getting into trouble.

The dachshund breed goes back for centuries but the wire-haired coat was the last to be developed.  The wire-haired dachshund first appeared in the latter 19th century.  Although the exact origin of the wire-haired dachshund cannot be precisely traced, the wiry coat texture might have come about through interbreeding between dachshunds and wire-haired dogs such as a terrier or a pinscher.  The wire-hairs also come in miniature, tweenie, and standard sizes and all colors.

These little fellows are energetic, intelligent, and sometimes fiery.  Their vigorousness can make them a real pint sized power house.  Still they are very loving and loyal just like all dachshunds.  You might just think about adding one to your already team of doxies.

IMG_0048This is Roodles & Whiskers.  They are our previous brother & sister wire-hair puppies.  They now reside with their new friend (Lab) and the Marshall family in Linville, NC.