Alfie (left) & Willow (right)

Folks are always asking me about the difference in shaded English Creams and ee English Creams.   Some folks prefer shaded and some prefer ee’s. In the photo, Alfie is on the left and he is a ee English Cream.  You can not see any shading or any black in his coat.  He is a solid cream color.  On the right is Willow and she is a shaded English Cream.  As an adult she will retain some black probably on her ears and maybe in her tail.  The cream will have a shaded look to it.  The ee English Cream Doxie is the result of the dog  inheriting an e gene from both parents and also the chinchila gene. The shaded cream is born dark in color and starts to losing the darker color around 8 weeks old.  It is all in the fascinating genetics of the Doxie!  Alfie & Willow are siblings and live with the Shell family in Salem, Va.


Leah is our beautiful shaded English Cream and has retained some black in her coat.


Little John is our handsome ee English Cream. He is a solid solid.