Chloe is  our coarse wirehaired Doxie female. She produces beautiful puppies.

Wirehaired dachshunds developed after the smooth and long-haired varieties.  They are said to be a cross between a smooth coat and another small terrier.  They have a reputation of being brave and mischievous just like their smooth-haired counterparts.  Wire hair dachshunds can come in the standard size (16 – 32 lbs at adult size), 11 – 16 lbs (tweenies), and up to 11 lbs (miniatures).

The wire haired dachshund is active, adorable, and ultra smart and has personality to spare.

The wire haired dachshund is the only type of dachshund that produces a thick undercoat.  Their coat requires stripping a couple of times a year.  Undercoat stripping sounds like torture, but stripping or plucking your wire-haired dachshund’s undercoat isn’t painful.  You just gently grasp small sections of hair and pull lightly.  The dead undercoat hairs will come right out and the new hairs should slip through your fingertips.


Caleb is a  wheaten soft wirehaired male.

At present we only have three wirehaired Doxies  We have two females and one male.  Our girls have the coarse wirehair and the Caleb is a soft wirehair.  We have bred Caleb with both females with resulting beautiful wirehaired puppies.

We have found wire-haired dachshunds to be the clown of their breed.  They are very good-natured, funny, and highly intelligent.

Dorcas and Caleb have four babies at present.  It takes at least three weeks to determine a soft coat and several weeks to determine a coarse wire coat.  You can see their babies at: