Are you a Dachshund lover? If so, you need to become Dachshund Savvy!

The “wiener” dog is the smallest of the hounds. They are short on leg but long on personality. The Dachshund is “half a dog high and a dog and a half long”.

A Dachshund is a delightful addition to any family. They have ranked near the top of most popular dogs since the 1950s.

Soooo – why would you want a Dachshund for a pet? Listed below are a lot of good reasons. This list nowhere near describes these lovely little fellows but will give you a start as to why you might want one of these “charmers”.

1. playful nature
2. loves to be close to you
3. very loyal
4. very intelligent
5. lively and courageous
6. senses well developed
7. easily maintained – no grooming required not even for the long coats -just bathing and brushing


Dickens is an English Cream & lives with the Dickens family

A Doxie is a good choice for apartment dwellers and people who do not have a backyard. They are good for urban dwellers because of their small size and ease of care. And of course they love the wide open spaces if you happen to live out in the country.

So what else could you ask for in a pet? Be Dachshund Savvy and choose a Doxie for your next pet. You will not regret your decision.