Mischief & Abraham – Dachshund Puppies for Sale

The litter of dachshund puppies for sale  posted below belong to Jennifer, a breeder friend of mine.  If you have been waiting on a dilute baby, here is your chance.  DOB:  5/29/17.  She has one long coat isabella boy, one long coat blue boy, and one long coat black & cream girl.  Beautiful babies.  If interested in one of Mischief’s babies, please contact Jennifer at: richjenn3@hotmail.com or call her at:  706 781 4631.  


Mama Mischief is a long coat chocolate & tan – 9 lbs.



Papa Abraham – blue & tan – 10 lbs.









AVAILABLE – Rachael is a beautiful little long coat black & tan female.


ADOPTED – Little Boy Isabella is going to live with the Boyle family in Winston Salem, N.C.

Congratulations Simon!

Little Boy Isabella

ADOPTED – Little Boy Blue is going to live with the McDowell family in PA.

Congratulations Little Boy Blue!


Blues and isabellas are much sought after Doxies.  They are the dilute colors and can only appear if both parents carry for the dilute colors.  The above dilute babies will make absolutely beautiful adults.

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