Owners Gallery

The Owners Gallery features our miniature dachshund puppies that have been sold so please send your most recent photos of you/your family and your Doxie. We are so proud of all of them and look forward to receiving photos from all of you.

The photos in the Owners Gallery below are of some of our Doxies sold to some of the best folks in the world.  Nothing tells a story like photos.  You can tell that these folks are truly owned by their Doxies.  You know Doxies just have a way about them that makes them become boss right away.  All they have to do is look up at you with those big brown eyes (or blue or green or hazel) and they have your heart right away.

I truly believe that most folks who buy a Doxie are great people. Great Doxies and Great Folks just go together. We appreciate all the photos you folks share with us.



michelle boy

“Frankie” resides in Franklin NC with Ashley


These lovely Doxies reside with Miss Julie

This is Beulah Land, better known now as Mollie! Can’t say enough about how precious this puppy is! Smart, cute personality, friendly (with people and other dogs) and just absolutely adorable! My husband says everyday what a good choice I made. Thanks for allowing us to be her parents!











Dickens resides with the Turners




This is “snuggly Luke”. He resides with Charlee.

elizabeth & jack

Elizabeth & Jack – do you think they are bonded?








The Chapmans say Sarge is so loving and melts hearts everywhere he goes.


Luke & Cooper resides with Charlee